About Chakra We Care Resources Sdn. Bhd.

Chakra We Care Resources Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian based company founded in 2009 by Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy. He strongly believes that healthy nutrition is the key to mind, body and soul. Hence, Chakra We Care Resources is an encyclopaedia of nutraceutical. We not only produce unique nutritional products with natural ingredients but we also provide and A-Z solution to anyone who wants to be in the business or have already been in the business and would like to venture into natural supplements, food, beverages or cosmetics in the line of nutrition.

Our motto of bringing inspiration and innovation to live is further enhanced by the added knowledge of Datuk Dr Selvam put together with our team which ensures a world class product and services at your hand. We offer services that includes private labelling for those who wants product to sell under their own brand and trainings for those products that our customers are unfamiliar with.

Worried about registration? Worry no more, you have us. When we promise you A-Z, we really mean everything. Registration will be done by our regulatory team and the product will reach your hand with a MAL number.

In any case you have your own product but unsure where to market, we got you as well. Chakra We Care provides an online marketing platform for those in a daze. Our platform carries various international brands and markets them at the best possible price.

Chakra also provides a warehouse services for those who need a storage unit which is complete with transportation services. It is furnished with air conditioning and a good inventory system that offers you a place to stock up your products in a reliable place.

Not only we offer these services but we also have our founder, Datuk Dr Selvam, who has been a medical practitioner and a healthcare provider who believes in “Doctors should be healers” to provide a good health consultation for those in need.
Hence, we are a one stop centre for anything and everything related to nutrition and healthy lifestyle like a boss.

Datuk Dr. Selvam Rengasamy​

Our Founder

Datuk Dr. Selvam Rengasamy


Datuk Dr. Selvam is a qualified Integrative Healthcare Physician. He obtained his M.B.B.S from Madras and F.R.C.O.G from London. He is the President of the Society for Advancement of Hormones and Healthy Aging Medicine Malaysia (SAHAMM) and also Board Certified Anti-Aging Physician from American Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM), International Hormone Society (IHS) and obtained a Fellowship from the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM). Datuk Dr. Selvam also recognized as a member of Editorial Board Review, International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM).

He has taken an active interest in treating his patients holistically long before the benefits of Integrative Healthcare were known to many. He introduced these for his personal health and to his patients. He knew the importance of Integrative Healthcare to make the world a healthier and happier place to live. His vision and leadership have empowered people to reach their personal and professional goals and continue to exponentially improve the landscape of health and the wellness industry around the world. His strong believe in prevention and reversal of diseases has become a reality for thousands of people.

Chakra We Care Resources is committed in supporting organizations that are working towards making the world a healthier, happier place. We help our partners by formulating innovative products to promote Integrative Nutrition, Personal Healthcare and Energy Wellness.


To be recognized as the most outstanding, innovative, interactive and productive service providers globally.


To provide our customers with exceptional quality products, services, professional trainings and assistance that will empower them to succeed. Provide our employees with extraordinary challenges and fulfilment with the opportunity to significantly enrich their careers and improvise to be a better version of themselves.

Quality Assurance

In order to produce a world-class line of nutraceutical products, we at Chakra We Care Resources never compromise on quality. The focus on quality begins with the selection of raw materials, which are chosen for their potency and purity. We source these from suppliers which have strong scientific evidence, research papers, patent licensing agreements and other certificates to ensure the purity of every product. All our products are quality assured. Our in-house product development and testing facilities create new nutraceutical products and constantly monitor for quality and efficacy. We strongly believe in providing the best quality products for us and for you.

For the past 20 years, the number of SMEs and corporates have exponentially flourished in Malaysia, with similar trends blooming across Southeast Asia. This has created staggering competition in all fields. Technology and globalisation have also helped to promote an over-abundance of entrepreneurs in every industry.



We are proud to announce that Chakra We Care Resources is one of the recipients  of Golden Bull Award 2019 under Outstanding SMEs.

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