Glutathione – A Key to Optimum Growth and Development for a Lifetime

Glutathione plays a key role in boosting immunity among children. Glutathione aids in the production of immune cells which are needed in destroying foreign pathogens. Children supplementing with glutathione will be building a strong immune system that will fight off infection and not allow the build-up of heavy metals in the body.
Glutathione is also very important detoxifier that is able to convert the toxins from heavy metals and environmental pollutants into harmless substances that can easily be eliminate out of the body
Glutathione is also a master antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damage to the body. For example, healthy levels of glutathione in your eyes protects membrane integrity in the cornea, maintain normal hydration level in the eyes, and help in warding off dryness and early onset of short-sightedness.
Low levels of glutathione also associated with Autism. Research shown that glutathione precursors can aid children with symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.


Junior GSH contains amino acid blend which help the body to produce glutathione naturally. This formula helps in building a stronger immune system among children because glutathione works from inside the cell and can help to protect them from environmental toxicant damage. Everyday, the body uses up the glutathione for all metabolic processes. Glutathione also works as a master antioxidant that is needed by children to remain smart and active since young.

Junior GSH is made from the US patented amino acid blend which consists of the key nutrients for the body to produce glutathione naturally. The patented amino acid blend used in Junior GSH is formulated by renowned research scientist and physician, Dr Albert Crum, a Harvard alumnus. The patented composition of amino acids is university proven in in-vitro tests to increase bodily Glutathione levels, providing the building blocks your system requires to maintain optimal production of Glutathione.

Key Benefits

  • Strengthens immunity to prevent viral infection
  • Improves your child’s memory, mental focus, and concentration
  • Promotes healthier vision
  • Protects against contaminants and pollutant damage

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