The Next Generation of Vitamin C

√ Maximum Bio-efficacy
√ Maximum Potency
√ Maximum Absorption


Study has shown that our Liposomal Vitamin C technology is 6X more bioavailable than normal Vitamin C.

What makes NUHEAL C different from other Liposomal products?

Most liposomal products are available in a liquid or suspension form because phospholipids are stabilised by a water-in-oil emulsion as a vehicle like compartment for encapsulation. The presence of water, however, can lead to non-uniform phospholipid structures and lower the stability of liposomes. NUHEAL C which makes liposome available in a stable powder form has been proved to increase encapsulation efficiency, loading capacity and release of the encapsulated bio-ingredients.

NUHEAL C was developed by taking in consideration the water-soluble property of Vitamin C and the superiority of Zeal Technology using powder-based encapsulation. This incorporation of Zeal Technology ensures Vitamin C remains intact until it reaches the bloodstream and stays longer for a maximum absorption and efficacy. Greater efficacy with smaller doses helps to achieve better results, making it a novel innovation of next generation Vitamin C. It is one of the most potent immune boosters which is natural, safe with no known toxicity and can be combined with any other medication.

Key Benefits

• Smaller dose with maximum absorption and bio-efficacy
• With sunflower lecithin NOT soy lecithin
• Contains Non-GMO phosphatidylcholine
• Promotes collagen production
• Powerful antioxidant properties

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