A patented composition of amino acid precursors in a University-proven tests to increase bodily Glutathione level.

Glutathione is the Master Antioxidant, Master Immune Booster & Master Detoxifier.

NUHEAL GCG is a white powder, which provides the necessary precursor Amino Acids – L-cystine, L-glutamine, glycine and a cofactor, a special selenium compound (selenomethionine) providing the building blocks your system requires to maintain optimal production of Glutathione.


  • Name of U.S Patent RE42645 on which NUHEAL GCG is based: “Nutritional or Therapeutic Compositions and Methods to Increase Bodily Glutathione Levels.” US RE42645 was patented by a Harvard-trained physician and scientist, Albert Crum, M.D
  • Glutathione is widely recognized as the body’s Master Antioxidant for that neutralizes free radicals in your body
  • NUHEAL GCG is an Immune Boosting Formulation delivered by this Premix.  It is the unprecedented Patented (US RE42645) discovery for Glutathione’s physiological replenishment
  • Glutathione, which is a small tripeptide molecule made in every cell in the body by way of intracellular synthesis, when the proper precursors are provided
  • Research shows the oral ingestion of the whole Glutathione molecule is basically ineffective, because the Glutathione molecule is broken down in gastrointestinal tract and cannot be effectively re-synthesized outside of the cells. Glutathione synthesis optimally takes place within each bodily cell with these specific precursors that are in NUHEAL GCG
  • NUHEAL GCG is a small tripeptide molecule explained above. NUHEAL GCG is the combination of vital precursors needed for the body’s intracellular synthesis of Glutathione
  • NUHEAL GCG comprises a special combination of amino acids for Glutathione synthesis and a co-factor, a special selenium compound (selenomethionine or selenocystine) to activate Glutathione after it is synthesized
  • NUHEAL GCG is physiological. The components are natural to the body, and combined in a Patented equation with methods to facilitate Glutathione synthesis intracellularly
  • The parent formulation of NUHEAL, ProImmune®s Immune Formulation 200® is listed in the 2009 Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR), page 2585, with image on page 321
  • NUHEAL GCG is a mildly sweet white powder with no after-taste. It can be eaten off a spoon, and it can be sprinkled on foods or added to beverages. IMMNU3 GCG contains no carbohydrates, fillers, additives, or preservatives
  • If your body’s Glutathione supply becomes deficient, your body becomes more vulnerable to oxidative stress. There are thousands of scientific articles which proven that low level of Glutathione that makes you more vulnerable to oxidative stress and diseases.
  • Glutathione has a turnover rate (half-life) in the body approximately 36 hours. The body’s cellular reservoirs of Glutathione need to be replenished with the components that IMMNU3 GCG provides. The synthesis of Glutathione takes place only inside the cell, as nature has designed, with vital precursors in NUHEAL GCG
  • ProImmune®s Immune Formulation 200® increase bodily Glutathione is supported by scientific university research demonstrating it to be effective physiologically in increasing intracellular synthesis of Glutathione and raising level of this Master Antioxidant: “Proof of Principle”
  • A consortium of 18 U.S medical research institutions has committed $87,500,000.00 (17.5 million annually for five years) funded largely by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to research and conduct clinical studies regarding (Patent RE42645) Immune Formulation 200®’s influence on various aspects of oxidative stress and Glutathione levels
  • Structure and Function data: in vitro research results from Charles R. Drew University of Medicine Science, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, the University of California (Irvine), the Los Angeles Biomedical Institute, and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center documented the performance of oxidative stress reduction by, ProImmune®s Immune Formulation 200®. Additionally, in vivo Human Clinical Trials are underway at Drew University of Medicine and Science NUHEAL

Key Benefits

  • Protects against pathogenic, bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • Protects against oxidative stress damage by free radicals
  • Helps the body to detoxifies carcinogen and excrete environmental toxins, drugs, pesticides and toxic chemicals.
  • Recycles other antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E
  • Enhances the body’s immune system
  • Improves skin health. Skin whitening is an added benefit of NUHEAL GCG
  • Helps to prevent the onset of Heart Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Arthritis, and Parkinson’s Disease

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